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Individual Life & Business Coaching for purposeful living & thriving

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is designed to focus on a desire for movement toward a specific life objective. You may have a desire to discover a life passion or you may need support through a life transition. Maybe you simply need an objective collaborator in your journey of self-discovery. I support you in creating movement from where you are to where you want to be with a holistic and balanced approach. We co-design the coaching to fit you. We do this by creating a designed alliance that includes your life dreams and goals, your desired course of action and the support you are looking for.

What Can I Expect From My Life Coach?

  • Clarifying your life hopes and desires
  • Discovering your core values and beliefs
  • Assessment of issues that impact daily and long-term decisions and actions
  • Working to break down the barriers of external and internal pressures that mask or envelop core issues
  • Sharpening your focus to act and respond in a positive direction toward life objectives
  • Learning how to create opportunity for empowered choice centered on core values
  • Cultivating self-management techniques to support desired change


“It has been only in a few rare moments of my life that I have been gifted the opportunity to work with such an exceptionally talented coach as Shawn.In the course of just a few sessions, I have witnessed her demonstrate uncommon skill, insight and intelligence. She knows right when to “lean in” and how to delicately balance her directness with compassion.

Because of her contributions to my process, I recently experienced a most unexpected and welcome breakthrough that will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life. I look forward to continuing our work together and HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone looking for help with a blind spot, or any other self-limiting belief that might be getting in the way of creating successful outcomes in virtually any domain of life.”

Karin Austin

I’ve appreciated Shawn’s coaching immensely! Her gentle strength and wisdom are exhibited in remarkable ways. She intuitively knows the right question and asks it at the right time, awesome gifts/honed skills! She is also a highly skilled and visionary leader. In a sentence: Shawn is a passionate person committed to coaching others as they work through life transitions and discov-er their best self ~ a true life coach!

Rev. Lin Grace Rohr

Working with Shawn was positively life altering for me. As a naturally high-energy person, my ability to “focus” and “stay-tuned” was becoming unmanageable and getting in the way of my success. Through Life Coaching, I was able to identify my triggers and put a “plan of action” in place that immediately put me right back on track. With Shawn’s help, I learned to embrace my energy, enjoy the journey, and begin to build a very successful career doing what I am most passionate about!

Mary Johnson

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is designed to focus on a desire for movement toward a specific business objective. We design our coaching relationship in an initial discovery session where we have the opportunity to discuss expectations and goals. We collaboratively agree on a course of action and support. I ‘custom fit’ the coaching to you, the client. I have a variety of tools and resources that can aid in your business development based on your goal set and agenda.

What Can I Expect From My Business Coach?

  • Clarifying your vision, goals and business objectives
  • Assessment of current strategies and business in order to establish a ‘custom fit’ business plan.
  • Sharpening your focus to act and respond in a positive direction toward business objectives.
  • Breaking down complex issues, tasks, and new skills to a level that can be re-worked and built on.
  • Creating systems and structures to support the foundation you’ve laid.
  • Discovering your unique process of decision making and how to leverage it.
  • Learning how to use perceived ‘roadblocks’ as challenges and then creating opportunity from them.
  • Developing leadership skills through analyzing current day-to-day experiences & discussing options to better lead yourself & others.


Shawn has been instrumental in the success of my real estate brokerage. She has helped me enjoy the business much more by thinking carefully about how we spend our time and where our profit really comes from. By prioritizing and really digging into our lead generation and growing our database we have found our groove.”

Phil Buoscio
Broker of Better Living Realty

Shawn is able to consistently provide a clear picture of my situation when I can’t see it for myself. But unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with in coaching or counseling, she does it by not telling me but asking the tough questions to get a problem resolved. The relief and positive outlook I get when done with each of our sessions is unmatched by any other process.

Kathy Firek
General Contractor, Rethink Remodeling