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Preuss CoachLeader Academy

Empowering Organizations for Transformative Growth.

 About Our Services

PCLA Coach Training Programs help you to develop coaching as a leadership style. We offer 3 options for coach training, customized to your organization to meet your unique needs for culture change. Complimented by distinct programs, workshops, seminars, retreats and coaching,  PCLA is your one stop shop for enhanced employee engagement.  Learn more @ www.preusscoachleader.com.

 Who We Serve

Corporations, Organizations and Businesses seeking internal coaching and leadership development resulting in a culture shift.

What Can We Expect to Learn?

  • To have a full understanding of the stages of relationship development and how to navigate a relationship system.
  • To be well versed in the International Coach Federation Coaching Core Competencies and Ethical Practices and to have an understanding of application in the coaching relationship.
  • To understand and be able to apply the five-core leadership practices in combination with the ICF Core Competencies to support a coaching culture, employee engagement and transformative growth.

Why Preuss CoachLeader Academy?

Convenient. Our coaches come to you with on-site, high-level training with minimal disruption.

Practical. We follow the popular 70/10/20 Model by the Corporate Leadership Council — 70% of the learning is application!

Comprehensive. We do not teach and leave. PCLA coach trainers will work with your organization so coaching and leadership skills are effectively integrated into the organization.

Effective. We establish a relationship with you, and being invited into your home, we become part of your family. We train, develop and support your coaching and leadership team to help ensure a successful outcome for your organization.

Difference-Making. PCLA works with you to co-create the change you are seeking. This means coach-leader trainees will be an active part of designing the culture change uniquely necessary for your organization.

Trustworthy. PCLA’s All Inclusive and Training Specific programs are ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) programs through the International Coach Federation.  Participants in these programs will have the opportunity to become credentialed coaches.

Our Mission

“Meaning-full Relationships, Purpose-full Lives, Success-full Businesses.”


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