What I offer is a unique, holistic blend of services for new coaches. These include life coaching, mentoring and business consulting to assist new coaches in setting a solid foundation to build their coaching business.

When you contract with me, you will have the opportunity to use any of these three services when the need presents itself. We will work together to design what works for you — a structured balance of services or a free flow of services. This model is designed to be an ‘all-inclusive’ offering to serve professional coaches at a high level.

Life Coaching

As a Life Coach, you are intimately aware of the value of life coaching, and Life Coaches need a coach! As you are in the process of helping others discover a fulfilling life, it is easy to lose sight of yours.

As your Life Coach, I will hold the space for your whole life—physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. We will journey together to connect the knowing (mentoring), doing (business consulting) and being (life coaching), that creates YOU.


Mentor coaching is designed to focus on your coaching skills and having a complete understanding of ICF Core Competencies and Coaching Ethics. As an ICF Certified Coach, I will be guiding you toward certification with the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Business Consulting

Business consulting is designed to focus on your desire for establishing your coaching business. Some of what you can expect will be: clarifying your vision, goals and business objectives, assessing current strategies in order to establish a custom fit business plan, sharpening your focus to act and respond in a positive direction toward business objectives and breaking down complex issues, tasks and new skills to a level that can be built on.


“Connecting with Shawn as a coach and a mentor has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. Shawn is kind, intuitive and patient, yet also direct and persistent. She allowed me to feel completely safe while challenging me to continue to delve deeper to realize my full potential. In her insightful, non-judgmental way, Shawn kept me moving forward and opened my mind to new perspectives and possibilities. She inspired me to stop “doing” so much to achieve other’s “shoulds”, and to just listen to my heart and “be” my best self, both in my personal and professional life. I look forward to continuing to work with her for support and guidance as my own coaching business begins to grow and evolve. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone serious about achieving a more positive and fulfilling life.”
Janice Ross

“I have so much more confidence in the direction my business is headed thanks to Shawn’s coaching. She helped me clarify what I’m really trying to accomplish, thereby avoiding other projects that would have consumed my time and drained my energy. Her coaching is straightforward and assured, which helped me get to the real issue and not be driven by my fears. At the same time, I knew she authentically believed in me. I felt buoyed by her confidence. I am thrilled about where my business is headed, and it wouldn’t be heading there without Shawn’s coaching!”
Theresa Kim – Life Coach

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