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Alliance Coaching & Leadership Academy

Alliance Coaching & Leadership Academy  (ACLA) is a Coach Training Program that encompasses a unique blend of relationship and leadership development and professional coaching competencies to create a powerful triune for managing change within an organization. ACLA is designed to support your organization in developing a coaching culture, sustainable growth, and employee engagement. The training is intended for established or potential leaders who are supporting others in their growth and development.

What is unique about Alliance Coaching and Leadership Academy?

We understand the disruption to the flow of business when employees have to travel outside of the organization for high-level training, so we come to you.  This also means less disruption for the participant in having to make travel plans.

We follow the popular 70/10/20 Model by the Corporate Leadership Council. 
This means 70% of the learning is application.  We aren’t teaching and leaving.  Our coaches work with your organization so coaching and leadership can be effectively integrated.

We establish a relationship with you and serve your company for a year to support sustainable change. 
We walk with you on this journey supporting your coaching and leadership team and a successful outcome for your organization.

ACLA is structured so we can work with you to co-create the ‘change’ you are seeking. 
This means you will be a part of designing the culture change that will be unique to your organization.

ACLA is in the process of becoming an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program.  This means your organization can promote having Internal Credentialed Coaches on staff.

What can I expect to experience in the ACLA program? 


PHASE 1: Training

Module 1   Communication: Creating a Coaching Culture

The focus in this module is on the establishing of relationship. Three core competencies; Establishing the Coaching Agreement, Coaching Presence and Establishing Trust and Intimacy will be taught in this module.   Students learn the foundation of all relationship is communication.  We explore the question, “What needs to be communicated when establishing an alliance with others?”  The curriculum will introduce emotional intelligence and focus on self-development and awareness.   We explore values, beliefs, and perspectives.

Module 2   Connection: Mission of Coaching and Leading

The focus in this module is on alliance in the relationship. In this module, students will learn high-level coaching skills that will help to keep the connection growing with the client and help the client to connect to their values.  Through Active Listening and Powerful Questioning, the coach supports an environment to Create Awareness, three of the ICF Core Competencies.  The coach will support inspiring a resonant vision for the client to build on.

Module 3    Commitment: Challenging the Partnership and Process

The focus in this module is on flow in the relationship. In this module, the students learn the core competencies of Direct Communication, Designing Actions and Planning & Goal Setting. The client may be challenged in completing the designed actions or goals, and they may be challenged by belief systems, old habits, etc. that don’t support the new action or goal. The coach learns how to support moving the client into action (or non-action).  Ethics are an important part of the coaching profession.  Students learn ethical practices as deemed by the ICF as they prepare to commit to the profession.

Module 4    Collaboration: Co-creating to Maximize Desired Outcomes

The focus in this module is on accomplishment through relationship, the coach encouraging and empowering the client to act.    We learn how to ‘partner’ and collaboratively work toward an agreed upon outcome. In this module, we teach the core competency, Managing Progress and Accountability.

Module 5    Celebration: Acknowledging Progress, Encouraging Others            and Promoting Passion

In our final module, the students integrate all the material they’ve learned.  Exploration of the model through the lens of self, others (people we coach), and the organization at large (teams, departments, etc.) helps to deepen the learning.   This is a model that works with one on one relationship or relationship in groups or teams.  The students will learn advanced skills of acknowledgment, encouragement, and championing to inspire others in passionate and purposeful work.


PHASE II: Development of Organizational Coaching Plan

During this phase, coaches/leaders that participated in Alliance Coaching and Leadership Academy will work with the organization to establish the structure and rollout of the coaching. This phase is unique to each organization and what the organization’s objectives are for the Alliance Coaching and Leadership Academy.

Our team will work with the organization’s coaching and leadership team to take ownership of facilitating these discussions and conversations to establish a coaching and leadership plan that will support the organizations’ goals and objectives.


PHASE III: Practicum

There are two components to phase three – rollout plus mentoring and supervision.

RolloutDuring this phase your team will rollout and establish the structure for coaching within the organization. The type of structure will be influenced by your organization and individual needs. Structures that can be included but are not limited to the following:

  • Growth Groups – The coach/leader facilitates and coaches participants using coaching exercises and skills to support growth and development.
  • One on One Coaching – These sessions are typically 30-40 minutes long and are specific to the individual and their desires for growth and development.

Mentoring and Supervision – We will be mentoring and supervising the coach/leader through the rollout process.

  • Mentoring alongside the coach/leader during group coaching.
  • One on one monthly meeting with the coach/leader to give feedback on their coaching and leadership skills.
  • Group meetings with the coach/leaders one time a month to continue learning from their ‘real life’ experience.

Once Phase III is completed, your Coaching and Leadership Team will be well established as a vital part of your organizational system supporting sustainable growth and employee engagement.


Coaching Philosophy

We believe that relationships are at the heart of successful organizations.

We believe coaching is the art of empowering individual, group and organizational relationships.

We believe leadership is achieved through practices of communication, connection, commitment, collaboration, and celebration.

Learning Goals

Objective 1:  To have a full understanding of the stages of relationship development and how to navigate a relationship system.

Objective 2:  To be well versed in the International Coach Federation Coaching Core Competencies and Ethical Practices and to have an understanding of application in the coaching relationship.

Objective 3:  To understand and be able to apply the five-core leadership practices in combination with the ICF Core Competencies to support a coaching culture, employee engagement and sustainable growth.

Intended participants:   Corporations and Organizations seeking an internal coaching program and/or shift in culture.

Requirements students must meet to enter the program: Alliance Coaching & Leadership Academy is intended to be an internal coaching and leadership training program. Therefore, students must be part of the organization that is purchasing the program and have completed the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment.  Currently, the language used in the academy is English.

Students can expect:

  • 90 hours of in-classroom training with a Credentialed Professional Coach and supervision/mentoring while group coaching teams/groups within the organization
  • 12 hours of out of classroom training


Lead Instructor: Shawn Preuss, PCC

Shawn Preuss, PCC, BS in Business Management, Trained CTI Coach, Certified Myers-Briggs Facilitator and owner of Transitions Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is a Professional Coach specializing in training, mentoring and supervising coaches entering the profession.  Shawn is a leadership and team development coach, coaching and consulting with individuals, teams, groups, and organizations for 17 years, and has been in the coaching industry (sport/business/life) for more than 35 years.

As a Life Coach, Shawn’s love for coaching and program development helped to support bringing a Professional Life Coaching Certification program into existence for the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Shawn was an integral part of developing and teaching the PLCC program for 5 years. Currently, Shawn also developed and is the Lead Instructor of the Workplace Coaching Certificate for University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Alliance Coaching & Leadership Academy is Shawn’s next vision in bringing the profession of coaching and leadership to the ‘core’ of business.  Her unique focus on developing empowered relationships through using coaching skills and leadership practices is a match for organizations that seek sustainable change and a higher level of employee engagement.

With an inside-out perspective, Shawn helps to draw out the best from people and organizations. Shawn’s insightful and objective perspective is a stabilizing point to any group of people she works with. With her depth of experiential learning, Shawn guides others in drawing rich learning from everyday life and business. Her coaching often acts as a catalyst to dynamic shifts and changes in life and business.

Shawn is a Coaches’ Coach and provides mentoring, coaching, and consulting to professional coaches. She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation, Chicago Coaches Federation, and Association for Psychological Type.

Policies on payment of tuition and fees: Please contact us for an RFP (Organizations Only). The cost of the program and payment plans are dependent on the design specific to the organization we are contracting with.

  • Typically, we will contract for even disbursement over the period of time we are contracted for.
  • Specific Cost and Payment Plans are outlined in an MSA Agreement (Master Services Agreement) with the organization we are contracting with.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policies are outlined in an MSA Agreement with the organization we are contracting with.