The Push and Pull of Life

Walking on the beach, loving the pristine water in the Gulf of Mexico, I stopped and allowed myself to listen to the magnitude of volume in the waves crashing onto the shore.  Compelled, I walked forward into the water to experience the ‘feel’ of what I was listening to.

As I stood with waves hitting my knees I did a yoga pose called mountain.  Feet firmly planted, shoulder width apart, arms reaching for the sky, hips tucked under and aligned with my shoulders.  I felt solid…..until I noticed.  As each wave came forcefully at me, it left me with the same force begging to take me with it, to drift away into the boundless waters.  Each time the water beckoned me to let go and succumb to its power, it took more and more of the sand around and under my feet, making it more difficult to hold my pose.  My equilibrium was challenged by the constant flow of opposing movement.

This is what life feels like sometimes and is definitely descript of my past year, which is what brought me to the beach in the first place!  Wanting to be firmly planted and yet, having to let go of more and more to maintain my equilibrium.   2017 began with a ‘yes’ to a passion I’ve wanted to brin

g to fruition in the world.  The demands of this yes, more times than not, felt like the waves crashing in – hitting me hard.  Those waves taunted me, challenged me to maintain and stand in my passion, the purpose I was serving.  Could I hold my pose?  I almost welcomed the challenge of the incoming waves to prove my determinedness, my resilience, my core strength of overcoming.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the opposing movement of the waves pulling me back into the depths of its body of water.  I didn’t realize fully that the bigger the yes, the greater the no.  If I said yes to my passion, it would require me to say no to a number of other things in my life.  The sifting sand under my feet represented to me that life is never solid, never singular.  It is fluid and multi-dimensional.

My life in 2017 had opposing forces in extreme!  What came out of it though were equal parts of creation and surrender and I rest in knowing that both are serving a purpose that may not be known to me right now.  However, I have discovered this unique and beautiful relationship between the push and pull of life.  How one relates to the other is completely dependent on the agility to be with both at the same time.

Of course, I couldn’t just stand in the water.  I finally allowed myself to be pulled in.  I let go of any need for stability and just floated along until I washed back up to shore.  What a ride!  Sometimes life is the wave-powerfully pushing and pulling us, forcing us to find our equilibrium within ourselves.  2017 supported me in getting clear about what was really important to me and why, what was important for the greater good, and flushed out old beliefs that were not serving my growth.  I disco

vered at a deeper level that we don’t need to stand on shifting sand to prove strength, determinedness and resilience.  There’s nothing to prove if we stand firmly planted in the truth of who we are.  Only then, can we rise to the challenge of opposing forces of movement, the push and pull of life and still maintain our equilibrium.

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