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Shawn’s services are designed to help individuals, teams and organizations attain optimal performance through developing leadership practices, understanding the stages of relationship/team development and integrating the process of coaching and self discovery. Her mission is to coach clients with integrity and respect to their personal and professional goals by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities resulting in empowered choice. She specializes in collaborative relationships that lead to individual and organizational growth. Outcomes for the leader, team and organizations are a higher level of support, focus, clarity, direction and enhanced communication.

  • Coaches

    What I offer is a unique blend of mentoring, business consulting and coaching to assist new coaches in setting a solid foundation to build their coaching businesses. Read More

  • Team/Leadership

    When team members have an understanding of each other’s strengths and preferences and learn how to leverage those in service of the whole group—you have an effective team dynamic. Read More

  • Individual

    My specialized services support you in creating forward movement in the most effective way for you and your lifestyle. That is what coaching is all about—supporting you in the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Read More

Loving Mentoring and a Mentor Who Loves

Through sport, I learned the value of having focus, a goal I wanted to achieve.  I took that learning into my life and business.  In business, goals became my ‘game of competition.’  I was competing against the goal I set.  Who would win? In setting goals, I often overextended, got lost in my own goals Read More